CAWI Research

At FFIND we carry out telephone market research through the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) approach. In 2017 we developed a new method to recruit respondents that opened up new opportunities. Social Sampling, an approach to identify and locate respondents on social network through lead generation.

As we are targeting respondents online, we developed a tool for CAWI research (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) it works on desktop and mobile devices. It is not a marketplace where you can create and upload the questionnaire. We manage the questionnaire programming developed by our client, to recruit and interview a more suitable target audience on Social Media. The data of all interviews will be provided with the preferred format.

How to find respondents for online surveys

The solution may seem very simple to do however, an in-depth knowledge of the social media platform is required to successfully execute such a task. I.e. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all have advertising tools that we work with. The core success of targeting an audience derives from professional expertise of market research. Our solution is very efficient in locating a specific type of audience with a penetration of less than 20% as well as representative samples, with high impact where cost-effectiveness is achievable.

We use the following criteria:

  • We identify the target group and plan a sponsored post on social media;
  • The targeted respondents see the suggested article, if interest has peaked, the respondent will click on the suggested article where they are presented with a screening question. Together with the client, we then have the option to evaluate the best possible methods of collecting data i.e. CATI, CAWI or Webcam Interview).

Inbound marketing for non-interruptive market research

We contact the users on social media and give them the possibility to take part in the interview, without having a personal contact. We call it as a “Non-interruptive” market research. The classic approach of CAWI research is “Picking among the masses”; with the Social Sampling, we precisely reach the target by having the possibility to contact them on Social networks. Providing more freedom to the user who ultimately decided to answer the questionnaire and the speed

CAWI is an efficient and cost-effective method of quantitative research as it does not require actual interviewers as CATI does. Through the Social Sampling, CAWI research becomes even faster, more-cost effective and above all more efficient. The percentage of dropouts decreases – leaving the targeted audience extremely suitable for the study.