Market Research Consultancy

The failure of a study is often due to a lack of discourse about the approach or to misunderstandings in the communication between the data-collecting institute and the agency. And the project manager does not always know all the eventualities that affect the data collection Wrong time in the interview can quickly lead to the termination of the interview.

Optimize the content, the duration of the survey, the screening criteria, the methodology or a combination of methods at the point in the project process in which the survey instrument is developed. All of these are strategic decisions that are ideally made in cooperation with the field institute. Since we are constantly sailing in the ocean of data, we have the expertise for contingencies.

The research manager is often specialized in one branch. We have been collecting data for all industries for years. Here, too, a research institute cannot necessarily know all possible reactions of the respondent: we see the ‘small’ errors that influence the data quality.

The benefits of a check to the questionnaire

The research institute should always consult the data collection experts in order to identify problems before the questionnaire is finally developed and coordinated and before the method has been chosen. Often this is not because of the lack of time, but rather out of habit.

Over the years we have established a trusting relationship with our customers. If you entrust us with a study, you know that we will start with an extensive examination of the questionnaire. The project manager not only checks that the questionnaire has no formal deficiencies, but also simulates the survey in order to prepare the briefing for the interviewer when it comes to telephone market research.

We don’t stop at the mere execution like a normal data collection provider: we go further, advise and do this without additional fee. We do this to rise to the challenge because the most difficult studies require our judgment. Incidentally, even before the tender has been won.

Why ask us for a free consultation prior to working in a market research?

As you guessed, chatting with one of our data collection experts can help you:

  • to optimize the questionnaire
  • to determine the use of social media for a sample
  • to determine the methodology or the mix of methods
  • to calibrate the questionnaire
  • to define the screening criteria.