Ennio Armato

Global CEO

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Ennio Armato started as a very young f2f interviewer and, after 18 years, became CEO of a multinational company. He has three qualities: he knows the quantitative market research industry inside out; he is always on the front line alongside his employees and he is a persuasive speaker with remarkable rhetorical skills.

This has resulted in his success within the company as a respected leader who is always ready to listen. Beyond the company he is well known as one of the most brilliant speakers at industry events (ESOMAR Congress, Research & Results, ASSIRM Forum, Printemps des Etudes).

He loves his dogs, beer and volleyball.

Alessandro Imborgia

Global Client Director

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Alessandro Imborgia joined the company just as Ennio and Tom had decided to significantly enhance the company’s growth by adding two elements: sales and marketing.

Initially, Alessandro joined the team to support Ennio in the management of quotations, but then immediately became an indispensable right hand in regards to decision-making, strategy and communication. Like Ennio, Alessandro is mainly focused on public relations and customer contact.

A great connoisseur of wine, rock and cinema, he never leaves a conversation without giving a valuable input and a smile.

Tom Abele

Global CEO

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Tom Abele started a small data collection company in 1993, a business that today has grown exponentially with more than 750 employees worldwide thanks to remote working. He is also the founder of the new “online data collection” department. Tom is a leading figure in the field of German market research.

He is known as a competent and sincere professional with a broad overview of the industry dynamics. Thanks to his long-term experience, he is able to carefully plan and balance supporting activities for the development and implementation of innovative ideas and projects for the future.

Today, Tom is handing over the management of the company to Ennio and Alessandro, while continuing to be its heart and soul.