Voice Assisted Interview

VAI Research (Voice Assisted Interview) is a methodology for market research, conceived and coined by Ennio Armato, CEO of FFIND, that leverages artificial intelligence and the voice of Alexa (Amazon’s well-known voice assistant) to interview respondents.

At the ESOMAR Congress 2019, we demonstrated in our paper that 65% of smart speaker owners would prefer to be interviewed through a voice assistant rather than the other methodologies.

The diffusion of smart devices is constantly growing, consequently we must consider smart speakers as real listening channels for market surveys. Indeed, this is a new methodology that offers new perspectives. A market research no longer based on sensations and memories but on listening to the respondent in the right place and at the right time.

Benefits of market research using voice assistants

The main reason that we advise our clients (research institutions) to recommend the use of VAI to their customers (brands) is because of the sincerity of the answers: like a truth serum, it increases the spontaneity of the respondent.

Anyone with devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo in their home has a natural desire to want to chat with their voice assistant. In most cases, however, the dialogue boils down to a voice command and a response of receiving the command.

VAI becomes an opportunity to dialogue with the voice assistant – at home, but also outside the home – and express opinions. It also becomes a ritual to share with everyone in the family, expanding the research capacity.

Voice assistant interviewing techniques

Being an evolving and spreading technology, there are several possibilities to reach our respondents. Without a doubt one of the most effective and quickest ways is the one that involves Social Sampling.

An example would be to show a sponsored post to the target audience on social media asking “If you like or would like to use XXXXX and have an Echo speaker, click to be interviewed directly by Alexa”

Alternatively, we can take the user all the way from a click to the START button of a webpage where they can launch the skill even without being at home in front of a smart speaker, thus, even if they don’t own the smart speaker.

The more ambitious brands might think of creating an ad hoc skill to establish a direct channel between the company and its customers, through which they can alert the user of news, send discounts and, of course, conduct interviews and collect reviews.

As you can see, there are several possibilities. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@ffind.com.